Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Mission

Sacred Heart School in Kurugodu, Bellary, India

A significant project which the district has undertaken is the development of Sacred Heart School in Kurugodu, a Hindu village in the Bellary Diocese approximately 330 km from Bangalore. Since 2007 the sisters began this mission in response to a call Sisters in front of the school in Bellary
from the Bishop of Bellary to come to his diocese, to live and work among the Hindu people in order to establish good relationships with the local people and to support the few Christians who are living this area.  The hope and intent is not conversion of the people but rather to promote a dialogue and better understanding among people of different faiths and cultures.  With the tensions and persecution going on in certain parts of India, our sisters’ mission in Kurugodu is both relevant and challenging.
After living among the people for some time and gaining their trust, the sisters slowly introduced a pre-school program.  At first there were few children attending but gradually the numbers began doubling. Each year the sisters added a grade and over five years Sacred Heart School steadily evolved. Today they have an enrollment of over 300 children in pre-school through Grade 6.

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