Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Mission in Angola

After years of internal struggle and civil war from 1974 – 2000, Angola, the neighboring country north of Namibia, is facing an enormous task and challenge to rebuild its communities and society. The Church has a significant role in this process.

A few years ago, the Namibian Province was giving serious consideration to sending sisters to Angola for mission with the hope of beginning a new foundation there.

Because of various circumstances this did not happen. Recently the new Bishop of the Ondjiva Diocese, invited the province to send sisters to Kuvelai in Southwest Angola.
The community of Kuvelai is struggling to establish itself after the war but there is a school, clinic and housing for a priest and also for the sisters. The Bishop has asked for sisters to assist with the pastoral work, especially to engage the women and youth through projects. In April 2014 Sr. Maria and Sr. Agnes will be missioned to Angola.

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